‘All leftist parties have the right to celebrate May Day’ | Daily News

‘All leftist parties have the right to celebrate May Day’

Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday said that he, and all leftist parties, had the right to celebrate the May Day since it is the day of the working masses.

He said the United National party was always ready to ban May Day rallies; “They do not want to celebrate this day. The JRJ government banned May Day processions and rallies in 1987. Our government also banned May Day celebrations without considering my advise in 1996, when I was the Minister of Labour,” he said.

The former President was speaking at the Joint May Day celebrations held at the Kotte Municipal Council auditorium, yesterday.

A government should trust its security forces and the intelligence agencies. There is no issue in obtaining expertise from foreign countries, but they don’t have any right to subjugate our country, he said.

He said that foreign countries provided their expertise to Sri Lanka to eradicate terrorism, but they did not send their soldiers.


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