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Rs. 60,000 mn soft loan scheme for Samurdhi beneficiaries

The Samurdhi Development Department ministry has embarked on an entrepreneurs soft loan scheme called Dana Saviya to benefit recipients.

Rs 60,000 mn has been reserved to grant entrepreneurial soft loans to two million Samurdhi recipients, the Samurdhi Director General said.

The programme aims to make a conceptual change among the two million Samurdhi recipients. The objective to to discourage them from continuing as Samurdhi dependents, Samurdhi Director General Saman Priyantha Bandara told the Daily News.

''Since the Samurdhi programme was commissioned in 1994, there have been a large number of recipients who have become successful entrepreneurs.We don't have exact information and statistics related to the rate of livelihood empowerment. But it is presumed that in fear of losing Samurdhi benefits and privileges, a majority remain as Samurdhi recipients.

He said that the 27,000 Samurdhi officers have been instructed to look in to those families who shall be granted Samurdhi benefits and those who are over the poverty line will be taken off the register.

Pension rights will be granted to Samurdhi Officers within next two months to make them feel stable in their jobs, Bandara said.

There are 1,074 Samudhi banks under the Samurdhi development programme now.


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