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May Day

CWF calls for a united SL based on socialist democratic values’

The Christian Workers’ Fellowship (CWF) in a May Day message said, for the first time in its history, it s unable to conduct the traditional CWF Workers’ Mass to commemorate the day, because of the country’s security situation after the Easter bombings.

Excerpts of the statement follow:

“We strongly condemn these inhumane attacks with deep revulsion which cannot be condoned by any human being.”

“This is not merely an attack against Christians, but against all of humanity. Since this heinous act has been carried out by a radical Islamic terror group, the average innocent Muslims have been placed in an extremely difficult and tense situation and we extend our solidarity to them. We wish to remind them that Muslims do have a responsibility to integrate fully into Sri Lankan culture.”

“The May Day procession and service conducted each year for the workers serves to renew and energise the vision and mission of the CWF.”

“Since 1960, the workers’ May Day service has been held every year without an interruption. However, considering the tense situation in the country, we are compelled to conduct the workers service with a limited number of workers this year.”

“We will continue to motivate ourselves, partnering with our fellow comrades in the working community as we work towards the freedom of our people who are oppressed in this country. We invite you to build a united Sri Lanka based on socialist democratic values, whilst pursuing a viable solution to religious and ethnic conflicts.”


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