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Religious leaders call for those with extremist links to surrender

The religious leaders at the press conference.
The religious leaders at the press conference.

Religious leaders yesterday requested all those with links to terrorists to surrender to law enforcement authorities without trying to take the country and nation into further destruction.

Narahenpita Sri Hathbodhi Viharadhipathi Ven Galagama Dhammaransi Thera speaking at a media briefing in Colombo, said the brutal attacks were a setback to peace and harmony among the different communities in the country. “Taking this tragedy as a challenge, we appeal to everyone to cooperate with Security Forces to eliminate terrorism, without considering political, religious and racial differences.

The Thera said organisations holding extremist religious views should be banned with immediate effect. Terrorism, religious hatred, and intolerance cannot be allowed to win,” he said.

“These acts of terrorism are incompatible with religious principles and human and moral values.” All religions teach kindness, compassion and non-violence,” he said.

“Such acts of violence on this holy day are acts of violence against all beliefs and denominations, and against all those who value the freedom of religion and the right to worship of the faith of their choice,” he said.

“However, we appreciate and honour the manner in which Catholic clergy including Colombo Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith responded to the brutal terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday. We also appreciate the Muslim community who provided valuable information which was crucial in carrying out combined security investigations and apprehending culprits,” the Ven. Thera said.

Inter-Religious Alliance for National Unity, Co-Chairman and Colombo Dewatagaha Jumma Masjid Chief Imam As-seyed Hassan Moulana said all individuals involved in terrorism and brainwashed by terrorist outfits should surrender to the Security Forces. They need rehabilitation, he said.

He added that people should inform the Police and the Tri-Forces if they notice suspicious behavious or situations if Sri Lanka is to be a peaceful, undivided and prosperous country.

“We are all equal before the law and if anyone who acts against the law should be punished,” he added.

Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya President, Rev. Heshan De Silva saidterrorism is a menace with no religion and must be condemned and routed. There is no place for such barbarism in our country and we hope the perpetrators will be quickly brought to justice, he said.

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