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National and int’l cooperation essential to combat current terrorism - PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday said in a statement that the current threat of terrorism posed on the country could be defeated only through vigorous national and International Corporation and by way of assuming responsibility and commitment to prevail against it.

“Our main focus at this juncture is to continuously offer our support to the Security Forces to ensure the country’s safety,” the Prime Minister said in his statement.

The statement: “Vesak, the biggest religious and cultural festival we celebrate as Buddhists is drawing near. Vesak is not a festival we can postpone for some other time. We observe Dana, Sheela and Bhavana during Vesak.”

“I say with responsibility that there are some sinister schemers, among them politicians masquerading as patriots fishing in troubled waters that are trying to sabotage the Vesak festival.”

“They are trying to ignite religious clashes in the country before the day of Vesak and are making grounds for it.”“We may have to take stern action against media institutions and individuals that spread fake information to cause religious or racial clashes in the country.”

“I believe that Viharadhipathi monks of the temple will discuss this with members of the Dayaka Sabhas and take appropriate steps about it, The Security Units will be at the ready to impart necessary advice in this respect.”

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