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Must learn from global experience to combat terrorism - Mangala

“Since almost all the nations of the world have become victims of the global terrorism, we should learn from their experiences and the latest technology to combat the latest threats to the national security,” Finance and Mass Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera said at a media briefing held in Colombo last Friday.

“We accept that there was a lapse in intelligence sharing among the relevant authorities. However, most of the developed countries with powerful intelligent agencies were also became victims of this global terrorism.

“Intelligence agencies of most of the powerful nations were even not aware of the information prior to the brutal attacks. According to the Global Terrorism Index, most of the countries are daily categorising on the continuing threats leveling them from global terrorism.

“ Sri Lanka also has become a main targets of the global terrorism following a brutal attack on the Easter Sunday. The country was subjected to this ruthless terrorist attack, while it was marching towards the speedy development, consolidation of democracy and peaceful environment in the aftermath of the 30-year-long war.”

The Minister said the number of deaths caused by international terrorism has been increased by five folds from 2,000. Many of the tourist's destinations became the main targets of global terrorist organisations.

He pointed out Belgium, France, Spain, and Tunisia as countries, which recovered their tourism markets within a short time.

“We cannot combat international terrorism by setting up security checkpoints all over the country. Support of the specialised intelligent services maintained in the powerful countries together with local intelligent services should be used to protect the country and its people.

“We have been able to consolidate reconciliation and inter-religious harmony among all communities after we came into power in 2015. That is why we have been able to obtain international support during this crisis situation. If the previous 52-day government would have in power, we would never obtain international support to combat international terrorism since it is not accepted by the world. “There are certain groups which try to obtain various advantages for personal purposes. We must not allow them to do that,” he said. He said attacks are "a diabolical attempt to create racial and religious tensions to pull the country backward."

“We all must unite and thwart this heinous attempt to drag our country back into the dark past," he said.

The Minister said that the temporary ban on Social media network following the incidents on Easter Sunday will be lifted soon as people all over the country use VPN to access banned websites.

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