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Madrasa teachers to be deported

Minister says he has no control over curricular:

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday stressed the need for monitoring foreigners coming to the country to teach Islam and regulating the activities of the schools they teach.

The Premier had reportedly said that it was essential to keep an eye on the activities of the expat religious teachers and what they teach as Islamic studies in these private schools must be on a firm legal footing.

Muslim Religious Affairs Minister M.H.A. Haleem said Prime Minister Wickremesinghe discussed this at a meeting with him and Defence State Minister Ruwan Wijewardene.

Minister Haleem said the Prime Minister also spotlighted here the need to bring in new laws to regulate Islamic religious schools, which are called Madrasa schools or Madrasas.

The Internal and Home Affairs Ministry yesterday said it has detailed the Emigration and Immigration Department to stringently enforce “deportation law” with immediate effect against foreign nationals who work in the country without working visas.

Home Affairs and Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Vajira Abeywardene said the ministry has received information about a large number of expats working in religious schools in various parts of the country.

Muslim Affairs Minister Haleem said the country has 278 Madrasas, all of them were registered under his ministry’s Muslim Religious and Cultural Department.

Although the Muslim Religious and Cultural Department has the control over administration of Madrasas, it has no common system or regulatory mechanism to prevail on the category of educational programmes or subjects taught in them.

He said it has been reported to them that religious extremism has spread through these schools.

He said in the release that Bangladesh and some Indian states have enacted regulations for Madrasas.

“Our ministry is drafting regulations for Madrasas. The provisions implemented in other countries as well as the country’s Pirivena Education Act will be observed in designing the draft,” the release stated.

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