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Easter Sunday nightmare

This is the most important day of the year for Christians – the Peaceful Easter Sunday or Easter Day was shattered by deadly explosions in several Christian churches throughout the country, and we excoriate such hatred in our beloved country.

We the members of all communities in Sri Lanka denounce and condemn this carnage. We deplore and censure these disgraceful murderous, cruelly rapacious, savage scum that is terrorizing this country.

These filthy ruthless tyrannical riffraff and all their supporters, sympathizers and protagonists should be shown no mercy whatsoever and extremely severe punishments should be meted out. These punishments must be so horrifying that it would serve as a deterrent to other scum of the earth, who are even contemplating such brutal, heartless attacks on any community or religious places.

We are all completely devastated by the sudden snatching away the life of innocent harmless men, women and children who had gone to church with peace and happiness in their hearts.

It is heart-rending to see the sufferings of the injured and the families of those whose lives have been brutally, barbarically and savagely snatched by these vulturous predators. We wish to convey our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to the bereaved and grief-stricken families.

But all these condolences and sympathies will not heal the heartaches and intense sorrow of the lost or the injured loved ones. At this moment of time, we should all rally round and do something so that there is no recurrence of such senseless brutality in this country.

Having conveyed the expressions of our bleeding hearts, let us see as to who is responsible for the prevention and protection of this country against tyranny, terrorism, deliberate destruction, defacement, damage of public and other property.

The whole country is clamouring that the President must appoint Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka as Minister of Law and Order.

A very sound and intelligent request, as the former Commander of the Armed Forces, he as the expertise, experience, ability and experience in national security with global expertise to maintain a high level of security for citizens; whereas President Sirisena has none.

We could see that the elaborate system in which coordinated attack after the attack took place, shows activities typically depicting individuals specifically equipped with reconnaissance tasks who then pass the information on to those who conduct the violent attack within hours.

In order to make this attack successful, they have had to plan weeks ahead, maybe have an op on the shelf waiting for the right circumstances, to launch the attacks.

And if the intelligence unit has been properly mobilized, increased surveillance by the security services would have been instituted, then, these moves by these inhuman terrorists would have been detected, weeks ahead and neutralized before the occurrence of this butchery, slaughter and savage massacre of the innocents.

So, it is high time that Law and Order is handed over to someone who knows what law and order is and to conduct operations so as to investigate the credibility of all organisations and to search and destroy all these terrorist oriented organisations, associations, Jama’aths and Foundations as soon as possible, without any delay, because it is these institutions that brain-wash the future generation with regard to everything and anything.

Once identified such as terrorist cells, their members and these fraternities should be completely eradicated and annihilated.

They are those who insist on women covering their faces to perpetuate their extremism and this is done through intimidation, coercion and instilling fear.

Terrorists invariably use this face-covering as an advantage to impersonate women to gain access to places for their chicanery and by the use of trickery to deceive.

The covering of the face is totally un-Islamic – The reason we say it has nothing to do with religion is, that when on a pilgrimage to Mecca, they are forbidden to cover their faces and all men and women perform their rituals together. If that is the case - that is the norm.

If the prohibition of covering faces is not implemented by law, we are certainly going to have a chaotic future and endless mayhem.

The time has come for all of us to join hands for the total obliteration and complete destruction of every trace of terrorism in our beloved country.

Zulkifli Nazim


Despicable and heinous bombing attacks in Sri Lanka

When the world is just reeling from last month’s New Zealand mosque attack, where 50 men, women and children were mercilessly cut by high-grade weapons that were powered by abject hatred and bigotry. The latest coordinated bombing attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka that has killed over 200 people and injured many more, once again proves that the cult of inhumanity deeply entrenched in terrorism is seamless and only follows the despicable religion of hatred and bloodshed. These heinous acts of targeting churches where congregants were peacefully celebrating Easter Sunday and zeroing on luxury hotels where international tourists were enjoying their holidays, shows the devastating magnitude and the unpredictability of the forces of global terrorism propelled by the enemies of humanity working together in total unity.

This time again, the victims were innocent men women and children, Sri Lankans and foreigners, including American citizens going on with their lives peacefully. While the world joins in offering help and prayers for the victims and condoling the grieving families, the big question still looms large, how can the peace-loving global community in an absolute majority come together to thwart and annihilate the inter-connected forces of global and domestic terrorism?

The international community should urgently mull on annihilating the nucleus of terrorist organisations that penetrate deeply across the globe through various outfits that share a common DNA and objective— totally oblivious to the country of origin, race, religion, colour or faith of their targeted victims. If not nipped in the bud, I’m afraid the emboldened haters of humanity will continue their mass murder spree across the world insidiously.

Atul Karnik




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