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Threats were not taken seriously - Fonseka

MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said it took him 48 hours to get an appointment to meet the Prime Minister after the recent explosions in the country. “I am the most senior military official in the country and the most experienced in defence matters, but no one sought my advice in this situation.” He said in parliament yesterday that in his opinion the country was led in the wrong direction after the end of the 32 year war. The country became a carnival. That is not bad as we had suffered for many years. However, the politicians had a responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of this country instead of joining the carnival bandwagon themselves.

He said suitable persons should be appointed to key positions.There is no purpose in appointing a Defence Secretary who does not know anything about security and defence.

“Considering the things that happened during the recent past, it was evident that such a threat was present. However, no one took it seriously.

In a country, security is the first priority, followed by the economy. Where there is no security, the economy cannot be strong.”

Speaking on the responsibility of the President, MP Fonseka noted that many have warned him not to rub the President on the wrong side as he might be given the post of Law and Order Minister. “Having criticised the terrorists, there is a possibility of them attacking me.

I am not even given adequate security. I only have 17 police personnel. However, I must speak the truth.

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