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Explosives, detonators found in Nochchiyagama

Eight persons, minivan and lorry in custody:

Nochchiyagama police found a large stock of explosives in a house opposite the Nochchiyagama filling station and arrested eight suspects yesterday morning.

Police said the raid was conducted following a tip off.

Among the explosives seized were 314 sticks of water gel, 23 sacks of ammonia each weighing 24 kilogrammes, 46 detonator cords each 10 metres in length and 18 other detonator cords each 418 metres in length. Police said they also took into custody a van and lorry found in the house. Police said another two persons including a woman who arrived in the house during the inspection were also taken into custody along with the van on suspicion.The owner of the house who is among the arrested suspects had contested the recent local government election on the UNP ticket.He was penalised earlier too possessing explosives.

Further investigations are continuing directed by OIC Prasad Jayatilleke and instructed by ASP Anura de Silva.

The explosives and the detonator cords.

The STF search the minivan and lorry. Pictures by Amila Prabath Wanasinghe.



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