Church of Ceylon unreservedly condemns barbaric acts of terrorism - Bishop of Colombo | Daily News

Church of Ceylon unreservedly condemns barbaric acts of terrorism - Bishop of Colombo

I am terribly shocked and deeply saddened by the barbarous acts of violence brought on innocent worshippers at Easter Sunday services at St. Anthony’s Church, Kochchikade, St. Sebastien’s Church, Negombo and Zino Church, Batticaloa, as well as on several hotels in Colombo targeting visitors to our country,states the Rt. Revd. Dhiloraj Ranjit Canagasabey,Presiding Bishop of the Church of Ceylon and The Bishop of Colombo in a condolence message.

The message: “The Church of Ceylon unreservedly condemns these cowardly and cruel acts of terrorism and conveys our deep condolences to the families and friends of those who have lost their lives and have been hurt. We wish all those who have been injured full recovery. We pray for them and their families that God’s comforting presence will continue to be with them through this tragic experience.

“We call on the government to institute quick action to investigate thoroughly these incidents and to bring the perpetrators to justice. To ensure the safety of places of religious worship and to prevent any individuals or group taking the law into their hands or provoking acts of intimidation or violence against any community or group.

“I call on all Sri Lankans to be mindful at this time and to act with patience and understanding. The motives of those twisted and warped minds that planned and executed such appalling acts could very well be to destabilize the country and to cause damage to the unity and harmony of our nation.

“I pray that these persons, whoever they may be, will be awakened to the awfulness of their crime and will be moved to repentance.

“May the Peace of the Risen Christ who on the cross prayed for forgiveness be with you all’.

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