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Government paddy stores to reopen tomorrow

The Paddy Marketing Board today announced that all paddy storage warehouses will be re-opened for the purchase of paddy from tomorrow onwards.

PMB sources said that the warehouses will be kept open for one month from tomorrow and the PMB has already taken measures to process paddy brought under the guaranteed price scheme and issue rice to the market under their trade name ‘PMB Rice’.  

Agriculture Minister P Harrison said that the purchasing of Yala season paddy harvest is successfully going on and the Paddy Marketing Board has already purchased a large quantity of paddy from the farmers.

 “The PMB has provided facilities for farmers to sell their harvest at the certified price of Rs 41 per a kilo of Samba and Rs 38 per a kilo of Nadu via 200 paddy storage warehouses.” said the Minister.

He further said that the PMB officially started introducing the rice made under PMB brand to the market in November 2018 with the intention of providing the best paddy for a minimum cost for the public and to give a reasonable price for the paddy to the farmer community.


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