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85th Mahagastota Festival of Speed :

Dilan and McLarens Racing dominate

The 85thMahagastota Festival of Speed got underway in the beautiful hills of Nuwara Eliya last weekend. The iconic event saw Sri Lanka’s finest drivers and riders demonstrate their skills by going up the narrow and fast uphill challenge.

Dilan Seneviratne stole the show, winning the Standard up to 1600cc Formula Ford event for seventh consecutive time; he also holds the record in this event which he set last year. Nadeera Jinasena went on to finish 2nd in this event and Rohan de Silva, another member of the McLarens Racing Team, finished 3rd.

Dilan also went onto win the Modified Formula event in his Formula McLarens Special, and secured the award for the fastest Formula of the day. Meanwhile, Nadeera Jinasena finished 2nd in this event ahead of Chandima Gunaratne.

Speaking at the event Dilan said, ‘It was a great weekend of racing. I am extremely pleased with the performance, mine and the team’s success. The track was a second or two off its usual pace, which made going for course record out of the question this year. I couldn’t ask for more to be honest: considering that I’ve won both the standard and modified Formula events at Eliyakanda and Mahagasthota. 2019 has been a great year for us at McLarens Racing. I am extremely grateful to my team and amazing crew at McLarens Racing, our sponsors Mobil Lubricants and 3M, my family, friends, and fans.”

The McLarens Racing Team went onto to secure two more podium finishes as Dinesh Jayawardana finished in 3rd position in the SL-GT up to 3500cc event, and Shehara Jayawaradana secured 3rd place in the SL-H up to 1665cc event.


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