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Project to improve off-season fishing under way

The National Human Resources Development Council of Sri Lanka (NHRDC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DFAR), held two focus group discussions with fishing communities in Puttalam, recently.

The discussions were held with fisherfolk in the Udappuwa and Kandakuliya coastal areas. They focused on methods to utilise off-seasons effectively.

Following the discussions, the fisherfolk requested assistance from the government to conduct training programmes to improve their livelihoods.

Accordingly, under the instructions of NHRDC Chairman Dinesh Weerakkody, it has been planned to address the issues related to training and information in order to utilise coastal fishing in the Puttalam District effectively. The NHRDC also expects to carry out similar training and awareness sessions nationwide after considering the level of success of the Puttalam programme. The programme will also promote the participation of female workers in the fishing industry.

The NHDRC added that Sri Lanka’s fishing industry was mainly of two categories: marine fisheries and inland and aquaculture fisheries.

Around 130,800 fishermen are engaged in marine fisheries and, of the total fish harvest of the sector, around 60 percent is supplied by fishermen who operate in coastal areas while the remaining 40 percent is supplied by fishermen who take part in off-shore/deep sea fishing.

During the off-season, most fishermen tend to find employment as labourers on multi-day boats, or migrate to other areas. There are some instances where they find wage work in other fishing-related activities, including the making of dried fish.



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