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Sri Lankan maid jailed, fined for setting ablaze to sponsor’s car

A Sri Lankan maid was sentenced to six months in prison and fined Dhs 5,000 by the Sharjah Criminal Court for setting ablaze the car of her sponsor’s wife, which had been parked in his house in Sharjah’s Al Seeyoh area.

During the court hearing, Sultan Mohamed, the Emirati sponsor who is the complainant, said that on the day of the incident, he had gone to the market when he received information that his wife’s car had caught fire. He had rushed to his house and found the locked car in flames.

He found the domestic help standing near the burning car. She told him that she was trying to put out the blaze, but he couldn’t find any trace of water anywhere and immediately called the civil defence.

The maid pleaded not guilty to all the charges levelled against her.

Talking to Khaleej Times, Mohamed said that the maid had been with his family for many years and she was being treated well by him and given her salary on time. He said the reason the maid torched the car was that she had a problem with another Sri Lankan maid, who worked for his cousin. Mohamed said the maid had planned to set the car on fire while he and his family were away.

He said that on May 12, they went out and around 10.00 pm, the maid called him to ask what time they would return home. Even though he told her they would be back soon, he kept wondering why she asked him that question.

He said that on Friday, he went to the market with his wife to buy some plants, when the maid called him to inquire when they would be back. “I asked her why she was asking me such a strange question.”

He said that 15 minutes later, he received a call from a gardener who told him to hurry back home as his wife’s car had caught fire.

Mohamed told KT that he rushed to his house and found the maid standing near the car. She told him that the car caught fire and she tried to put it out with water. However, he couldn’t see any water around.

He said that he suspected the maid and reviewed the surveillance cameras. The man saw the domestic help opening his wife’s car, sitting in it for a while, going inside the house, and returning to the car while hiding something with a cloth.

Mohamed said that he asked the maid why had sat inside the car. (Khaleej Times)

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