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Essence of feminine existence

Her name is Sigma. Dr Sigma is an Assistant Professor in English teaching in a college in Thiruvananthapuram, capital of Kerala state in India. Her father gave her the name Sigma denoting a Greek Alphabet. She is a Malayalee. As we know the literacy rate in West Bangla and Kerala states are very high in India.

Besides being a poet and an article writer, she is also an editor, reviewer and advisory board member in seven international Journals.

Her own 40 poems are collected in the book “Serpentine Blues” published in 2017. Within the 80 pages, she expresses the women’s points of view candidly. An academic from North Wales, UK, Rodrick Craig Low, in his Foreword to the book has this to say:

“All thoughts of nationality, creed and education fall away, and we are left with the bare essentials of feminine existence – innocence, hope, love, intimacy, betrayal, sadness, pain, and ultimate loss… Here is a window on the soul of womanhood. Here is wisdom. Here is a respectful reflection.

Dr Sigma has authored four poetry books and recently her “Feminine Blues” got translated into the Serbian language. The Government of Odisha State in India supported the organization of united working journalist forum awarded her Mirabhai Literary Award. Dr Sigma is an international director of the World Union of Poets. At the Cochin Literary Festival, she received the Poetry Prize for 2018.

I had the pleasure of knowing the poetry of Dr Sigma by befriending her through Facebook. I haven’t met her or seen her in person. The themes of her poems are well discerned by the academic referred above and make me clearly understand what the poet says.

I quote:

“Some of the verses are lyrical and hark back to an idealistic past where all seems eternally perfect. Others are raw, challenging and desperately modern. We meet a rich cast of characters- a triumphant but doomed Cleopatra, a psychopath in the world of calculations, a confident woman walking through the silent path of life’s reality, and another knitting a million nameless dreams. We are confronted by questions of miserly minds, motherless daughters, the destruction wrought by mutual passion, triumph blended with defeat, and the monument of love constructed from desire. And we are stripped bare by uncompromising truth and naked honesty.”



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