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OPPO F11 Pro captures photographs of Mt. Everest

The Himalayan Landscape
The Himalayan Landscape

Inspired by the altitude of Mount Everest, OPPO presents a first ever landmark move collaborating with mountaineer Dr Nima Namgyal Sherpa along with photographer Adam Meng to trek the Everest Base Camp and capture the majestic picturesque with its latest Camera Phone F11 Pro.

The stunning photograph closely captures the breath taking experience of the trek. On the routes where life necessities like food and water are luxuries and climbers have to carry double their weights through the complete trek, F11 Pro not only replaced the many camera equipment but also offered wide set of features to make the trekking memories great.

Mt. Everest Trek by OPPO F11 Pro11

“The pictures taken by F11 Pro are flawlessly dominated with the scenic beauty, cultural richness and freshness. The images which came out showcase a side of Himalayas that has not been captured before,” an official from OPPO said. “F11 Pro captured the scenery from the timeless land of pure beauty. Spectacular is the only word that comes to mind when one looks at this”.

“Cold air and low oxygen do take their toll on the climbers and hence stoppages like these to access little luxuries like napping and hot tea are necessities”.


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