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Home Lands Skyline achieves outstanding construction progress for ARIYANA Resort Apartments in Athurugiriya

The project demonstrated three months ahead of schedule construction progress by end Q1/2019, with a completion of 75% of the structural work and 40% of the entire construction work within 10 months, surpassing the pre-scheduled completion in April/2020, which displays a likelihood of being completed within the next year.

The above Resort Apartment Complex has been commended as an inspirational concept, transforming traditional residential apartment space in to a vibrant resort apartment life.

Home Lands Skyline expressed their confidence over the successful construction progress of ARIYANA Resort Apartment Complex in Athurugiriya, the 1st ever resort apartment complex in the island.

The Company commenced development of the apartment project in May 2018, with a pre-projected timeline for completion by the end of the 1st quarter of 2020. Nalin Herath, Chairman/Managing Director, Home Lands Group speaking to the newspaper on the present status of the construction of the ARIYANA Resort Apartment Complex, asserted that construction progress had been achieved notably 03 months ahead of schedule since the initiation of the project.

“By completing 75% of the structural work of the apartment blocks within a period of 10 months, the company is much optimistic that the project could be completed by the end of this year,” he further stated.

Prominent Civil Engineering virtuoso Engineer Shiromal Fernando is behind the structural engineering expertise of ARIYANA, while Lotus Construction & Management Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., (LCMC), while a leading project management and construction management firm is carrying out the project management of the apartment complex.

ARIYANA Resort Apartment Complex is an ideal fusion between environmental, social and economic elements, creating a dwelling environment for the modern home seeker. The project has been recognized as the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, catering to the timely residential demand in the country.

The ARIYANA Resort Apartment Complex spreads over 11 acres, with 08 low-rise apartment blocks climbing up to 05 levels and containing overall 344 units of 2, 3 & 4 bed roomed apartments.

As the developer of the project, Home Lands Skyline has proactively contributed to preserve the natural environment by setting aside an expansive recreational area spanning over 80% of the entire project extent which accommodates paddy fields, spacious outdoors, water features, open-to-sky areas and walking paths running through natural foliage.



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