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Malaysian PappaRich franchise opens in Colombo

Malaysian Restaurant Chain PappaRich opened its branch in Colombo.

The PapaRich Group with its Sri Lankan partners Foodholics (Pvt) Ltd will invest over US$ one million in Sri Lanka with more PappaRich restaurants to open in the island, said Sebastian Low, President Asia Pacific, PappaRich Group Singapore

He Sri Lanka was the 13th country to obtain their franchise and next month they will be opening in Cambodia and in two months time in India.

Gerard Fernando, Director Foodholics Pvt Ltd said they had obtained the license for the PappaRich franchise in Sri Lanka.

“This is the first outlet and we intend to open a few more outlets in and around Colombo and where the market potential is there.”

Fernando said they would make available authentic Malaysian food to the Sri Lankan consumers.



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