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Government to prioritise natural fertiliser

The government has decided to give priority to the use of natural fertiliser while doing away with artificial chemicals.

Agriculture Department information sources said that through a survey conducted recently, a group of scientists had disclosed that the fertiliser usage in the country had, at present, increased by 330 percent.

They said that recent soil tests carried out revealed that potassium levels were high in it. However, since a majority of farmers were not following the instructions of agrarian officials on the use of chemical fertiliser, many lands had become infertile, the sources added.

Referring to the recent allegations that the cadmium percentage in carbonic fertiliser being processed using urbane garbage and waste was high, agrarian officials confirmed that the tests carried out had revealed that that percentage was very low.

The Agriculture Ministry has requested government agents to launch a comprehensive carbonic fertiliser-manufacturing programme, which would be coordinated by district agriculture committees.


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