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WCIC conducts workshops in Kandy, Kurunegala and Jaffna

The Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce ( WCIC), conducted a series of workshop during the month of March, to provide knowledge on the “ Fundamentals of Marketing” covering a large number of women entrepreneurs across Kandy, Kurunegala and Jaffna. The project was sponsored by the Abans PLC to commemorate their 50th Anniversary and conducted in association of the regional chamber.

Speaking on behalf of the WCIC the Chairperson Chaturi Ranasinghe said “ We have always been there to support women who are embarking on challenging paths and the knowledge session we just completed across three region can be considered a great step”.

“We just completed a series of workshops with women entrepreneurs and the reactions we received from the participants was actually stimulating. As the premier body in Sri Lanka committed to the development of women, we take our role very seriously. We constantly strive to enhance the knowledge and the capability of the women entrepreneurs scattered across Sri Lanka. We were supported by Abans as a sponsor to make our endeavor a success”

Women entrepreneurs engaged in different, small businesses participated in the interactive workshops with lot of enthusiasm and energy. The full day sessions conducted by a veteran marketing professional , Marketing Consultant and WCIC member, Tusitha Kumarakulasingam resulted in full engagement and learning.

“ The method we use for training results in all participants being fully engaged in the session. The final outcome was very positive, judging by the feed back of the participants. Each of them committed to incorporate the learning they got into their respective businesses. It was extremely satisfying to observe the gratitude they extended for what they received. It is heartwarming to note that we have been able to get them to see how basics can help them to be that much better”

Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (WCIC) is an organization of entrepreneurs and business women. It works with a vision of enhancing the life of women who are working be it rural or urban. The organization and it’s many activities provide an opportunity for the members to interact, learn and network with the diverse team of women leaders who have made their mark in many fields.



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