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‘Loyal staff have worked with dedication’

Serving an institution for 25 or 35 years needs discipline and sacrifice. The employees who served the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (ANCL) have made sacrifices while serving for ANCL for decades, ANCL Chairman Krishantha Cooray said.

Speaking at ANCL’s Service Awards 2018 held at the Hilton Colombo on Friday, he said the employees who had served ANCL for 25 or 35 years had made sacrifices such as missing special occasions of their loved ones to carry out their official duties. “I thank the family members of those employees,” he said.

No other state institution offers benefits like ANCL does. It offers bonuses for five-and-a-half months to employees, while also giving schoolbooks and shoes for their children, and a special allowance for the New Year. One is proud to say that he or she is an employee of ANCL, Cooray said.

“We should speak about rights only after doing our duty. If a person works hard with dedication and honesty, he or she should not fear anyone or anything. If someone does not work properly, he or she lives in fear,” the Chairman said.

Speaking on a lighter note, Cooray said there are four types of employees. The first type promises to do the job perfectly, but fails, and they are called ‘Annesleys’. The second type promises to do the job perfectly, but vanishes without a trace. They are called ‘Leslies’.

The third type keeps their promises and they are called ‘Kingsleys’. The fourth and final type fight to keep their promises, and do so. They are called ‘Bruce Lees’.

ANCL General Manager Abhaya Amaradasa said ANCL is 92 years old and employees belonging to four or five generations serve the company. They have a strong family bond with ANCL. The company offers many benefits to the employees. The current ANCL Chairman treats employees with generosity whenever they face emergencies and disasters.

Indika Kudahetti delivered the vote of thanks. Dushantha Basnayake, Lalith Allahakkoon, Ray Abeywardena, Umashanthi Rajamanthri (members of the ANCL Board of Directors), Company Secretary Kumudu Gunawardena, ANCL management, and employees and their family members were also present. 


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