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[APPRECIATIONS - (08-04-2019)]

Romali Maria De Silva

Her love was boundless

It was this day, two-years ago, that Romali Maria De Silva tragically past away from dengue. The empty pit she left behind in all our hearts is a tribute to the life she led. Her motto in life was ‘live, laugh, love, and you will see why’.

She studied at Holy Family Convent, where she met extraordinary friends much like herself. Romali then went on to do her G.C.E. A-Levels at Ladies’ College. She was a headstrong woman who was determined to further her education. Thus, she went on to study Management and Applied Psychology at Nottingham University, Malaysia, where she attained a 2:1.

Returning to Sri Lanka, she was offered a job at hSenid. Working in HR for two years, Romali had a passion for marketing and her talent blossomed at Brandix I3.

Her work was extremely important to her and whatever she took on, she completed to the best of her ability. In the office, she was known for her leadership as well as other skills. Romali was also known for her jovial and loveable side; she spread kindness and warmth to all her co-workers. If one had to describe Romali, her spirit was always full of life. She knew how to live every second of her life and made sure everyone around her did the same. She was the life of the party, the soul of people’s lives, the spark in our eyes.

Through good times and bad, you could always count on Romali to bring laughter into your life. She was a happy-go-lucky jovial person, that always found a reason to have a good laugh. Whenever her friends were going through a rough patch, she was the first to pull them together and put a smile back on their faces. Especially for her family, with her around, there was never a dull moment. Laughter was the essence of Romali’s life and she always made sure she never left home without it.

Romali spoilt her family and friends with unconditional love. We will never forget the love she shared with us. It was only after she passed away that we found out how much love she had for others. So many people approached us with so many stories of her kindness and generosity. Romali had a special place in her heart for people in need. Without hesitation, she would be the first to step up and help others who needed it.

There were countless times she would distribute lunch packets during her work lunch break to Abans workers. Not only that, she donated money to a child at a home monthly to help with their education and day-to-day needs. Her empathy for others’ suffering was what made her stand out as an individual.

She did not hesitate to collect supplies for flood victims. Simply giving money wasn’t enough for her; she wanted to get involved and change people’s lives for the better.

These are just a fraction of what Romali has done for others. She has truly touched and changed our lives for the better, and we hope and pray that her love for others will be instilled in all of us, so that we can continue in her footsteps.

The life of a butterfly is wondrous but fleeting. The grace of her flutter holds so much beauty. Romali was our butterfly; unique, extraordinary, a symbol of all that is good in the world.

May God’s Blessing always be upon you, my darling sister. 


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