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Move to enhance benefits under the Shrama Vasana Fund

Labour and Trade Union Relations Minister Ravindra Samaraweera said the government will explore possibilities of strengthening the “Shrama Vasana Fund” to increase welfare services for the working population in Sri Lanka.

The Minister was addressing the gathering at the ceremony organized to grant scholarships to 57 schoolchildren of the employees who had either passed away or with full or partial disability while on official duties.

The scholarships were sponsored by the Shrama Vasana Fund.

Scholarships including a Rs. 50,000 fixed deposit, Rs.10,000 worth of school equipment and Rs.2000 worth gift vouchers were provided for 57 schoolchildren.

A token of appreciation was also presented to Mettananda Rupasinghe who runs a printing press in Ampara.This award was granted to him for his selfless act in not caring about the damage caused to his expensive press to save the life of a worker whose hand got entangled in the machine while on duty.

The Minister further said the “Shrama Vasana fund” renders a great service for its beneficiaries. Therefore, the government will take measures to further strengthen the fund.


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