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Equal allowance for all state sector executives

The government hopes to pay a similar allowance to all executive officers in the State Service, Public Administration and Disaster Management Minister Ranjith Maddumabandara said.

Minister Maddumabandara told the media at the Disaster Management Ministry yesterday that arrangements will be made to provide all government service executive officers an equal allowance.

He said there is no consistency or uniformity in the allowances given to executive officers in government service.

Asked about the protest organized yesterday by Grama Niladhari officers, Minister Maddumabandara said most of the protests that are staged are politically driven more than anything else.

“Government officers should remember that it is the present government that gave government workers the most significant benefits.We increased their salaries by a significant percentage. The pensioners were also benefitted. While the government servants highlight their rights and privileges, they should also be concerned about their responsibilities towards the country and its people,” the Minister said.


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