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Govt. to blame for power cuts – CHRR

The government should take full responsibility for the current power cuts which have caused severe disruption in people’s lives, Centre for Human Rights and Research (CHRR) Acting Executive Director Surangie Ariyawansa said in a statement yesterday.

Although large-scale industrialists and certain other institutions deployed generators to obtain power, small-scale industrialists and owners of small-scale institutions, as well as the public had faced great inconvenience due to the power cuts, she said, adding that the government’s incapability to face a situation devoid of rainfall was most regrettable.

When the Meteorological Department was equipped to issue correct weather forecast, the Power and Energy Ministry’s lack of planning for the current dry spell was a grave matter.

It also proved that the government which depended on people’s taxes, was incapable of providing even their basic needs, she said in her statement.

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