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Whole new species

For decades, we have been classified under the generic profile ‘Homo sapiens sapiens’. With the inheritance of prime essence from our ancestors, we have forged the world around us according to our likenesses. The world is evolving, and so are we. The rules of nature apply to all-things-physical. Are we the same as we were yesterday? While the clock ticks, we too have evolved intellectually. Thus, we witness the dawn of a whole new species.

Hashan Cooray’s works are abstract figurative representations that aim to portray a deeper meaning and understanding of socio cultural themes with a generational aspect. Born in 1987, Cooray has presented his works in exhibitions including Lionel Wendt Gallery.

A preview of his paintings, titled Parahuman, will be held at the Saskia Fernando Gallery from April 5 to May 2. Parahuman is a human-animal hybrid or chimera. They are humans who have undergone a traumatic experience (known as a “trigger event”) and awakened superpowers. The slang/colloquial term for parahumans is “cape”, which is typically (but not always) used to refer to people who wear costumes, but may refer to Rogues.

Fundamentally Parahumans are gestalt or symbiotic organisms. a combination of human and a symbiotic, and in some cases parasitic, Agent.

A Parahuman functions like a regular human but unlike regular humans, they have a Corona Pollentia. The Corona Pollentia is the portion of a parahuman’s brain that adapts to and allows the parahuman to control their abilities. The Corona Pollentia seems to awaken during a parahuman’s “trigger event” where it forms a connection with the Parahumans agent is formed. It also seems that parahumans can pass on a similar power to their children without them having to suffer severe mental trauma. It is important to note that while children of parahumans are more likely to gain powers, it is pointed out that it is “likely more to do with exposure to parahumans at formative ages than genetics.”

Natural parahumans live in a state of Irony. Their abilities driving them into the same situations that gave them their powers in the first place.

Parahumans who were isolated and not regularly challenged had a mild tendency toward increased mental abnormality. Which makes getting multiple members working together to be a large issue. Further they were know to be more emotionally volatile, their peaks and valleys more exaggerated, which makes conflicts and exacerbated conflicts all the more likely. This is all due in part from the influence of their Agent, and partially due to the traits of the person in question that led to them gaining the potential to trigger in the first place.

Tinkers seen tend to have their personalities influenced by their gender. Parahumans are independent people with only their agents influencing them, It innfluences their cognition on a instinctual covert level. Overt control of a Parahuman by their agent is rare.

Hashan, who has a diploma in art and fine tuned his art attending a course at the Goethe Institute in Colombo, says his favourite medium is acrylic on canvas because it enables him to complete his paintings within a short period of time. He says his technique is defined by strong brush strokes and attention to detail.

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