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Establish Hindu University - Saravanapavan

Jaffna MP E. Saravanapavan stated in Parliament yesterday that Sri Lanka should have a Hindu university for Hindus to research and learn about the religion.

He further added, the university will enhance knowledge and will provide opportunities for students or those interested in the religion. Like the Buddhist University, there should be a Hindu University.

The MP pointed out, the temples in the North were massively affected during the war, yet none of those temples have been reconstructed. There is a Buddhist statue that has been erected near the Keerimalai, Nageswaran temple and the people in the area are not very happy about this.

“There were incidents of a liquor shop functioning during the Hindu festivals, while it was closed during Buddhist religious festivals and activities. When liquor shops are instructed to close during Poya Days, then it should follow same pattern during other religious festivals, especially in areas which have a majority Hindu population”.

He said, “Hindus who live in the Wellawatte area and who want to conduct their funerals according to Hindu rites should be allocated a place like a centre with the required facilities.”

“Students who want pursue an education related to religious studies should be awarded a scholarship to study in India,” he concluded. 


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