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Release political prisoners or rehabilitate them- Adaikalanathan

MP Selvam Adaikalanathan yesterday in Parliament urged the government to release the political prisoners or to direct them to rehabilitation.

He said, the voices of Tamil MPs will be used for this issue, as it has prolonged for enough.

“The prison sentence is 25 years, but these political prisons have been serving sentence for more than 25 years and still the government has given them a proper solution. A proper investigation must be done, or put them to a rehabilitation programme”.

He further added that the families of political prisoners are suffering, without any means for daily expenses. The government should provide for those families to make ends meet, as they don’t have ways of making ends meet.

When addressing the Committee Stage debate, he added that the political prisoner’s issue has been raised on several occasions. It will continue to be highlighted until a solution is found. The accused have served enough time in prison and its time they found a solution to this issue. 


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