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Over 1,000 remote villages to get drinking water by 2021

The government has launched a large-scale drinking water supply programme at a cost of over Rs. 4 billion.

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) and the National Community Water Supply Department (NCWSD) will provide drinking water for those who lack water sources.

The department will supply water to 1,000 remote villages by 2021.

The government has invested Rs. 10,000 million on the project benefitting 100,000 families in 25 districts.

Department Director General H.M.J. Herath told Daily News that areas with water sources can be taken under the project. An area should be able to provide 20 per cent of the value of the water project and the project should provide water to at least 75 families.

The NWSDB and the NCWSD have provided pipe water to 50 per cent of the population. The Town Planning, Water Supply and Higher Education Ministry will increase this to 60 per cent by 2024 by providing water connections to 80,000.00 According to a NWSDB spokesman the Board operates 343 water supply projects and has provided water connection to around 8.34 m and in 2018, Rs. 110 m was invested in water supply.

The spokesman said that during 2015-2018, 18 water projects were completed and they provide 440,220 water connections. Under the NWSDB CKD prevention programme during 2015-2018, pipelines was extended by 685 km and 637 riverse osmosis water filtering plants were set up at a cost of Rs 675 m. 


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