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Could ‘Toy Story 4’ feature a major time jump?

Almost a decade ago, fans said goodbye to Andy and his beloved childhood toys in a beautiful full circle ending that had him passing on his toys to a young girl named Bonnie before going away to college. Or so we thought.

‘Toy Story 4’ will pick up with Woody, Buzz and the gang as they go on a summer road trip with Bonnie and her family. We thought the recently released full trailer for the upcoming film featured the presence of Andy as both a kid and adult to get us in the feels, but some fans speculate otherwise.

Is it possible that there will be a time jump in ‘Toy Story 4’ that will focus the story back on to Andy as he then passes his toys down to his son? This could happen if Bonnie grows out of his toys and decides to pay him a visit to give them back and, now, as a man in his thirties (since he was celebrating his eighth birthday in the first film, set in ‘95), he might find some joy in seeing his little ones play with some familiar faces.

The theory would certainly make for a touching conclusion for the franchise that ties back into the main characters’ roots. However, this might mean Woody and Buzz would have to watch Andy grow old, along with his son and end up in the same place of helplessness they were in ‘Toy Story 3’ that led to them being passed on to Bonnie.

The reason for this speculation started because some have found it difficult to believe that the boy playing with Buzz and Jessie in the trailer is a flashback of young Andy, even though he is wearing the same hat and looks to be in the bedroom from the original trilogy.

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