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CEB releases full schedule for power cuts

The Ceylon Electricity Board has imposed power outages for many areas around the island from today.
Accordingly, 3-hour power outage will be in effect during daytime and 1-hours during the night under the following groups.
The full power cut schedule is stated below ,
For more information the public can contact the CEB on hotline 1987 and for Colombo City - 011-4498498, North Western Province - 037-2024444, North Central Province - 025-2024444, Northern Province - 021-2024444, Western North - 011-5988988, Central Province - 081-2574444, Eastern Province - 026-2054444, Western Province South 2 - 011-2146464, Sabaragamuwa Province - 045-7285285, Uva Province - 055-2232222, Western Province South 1 - 011-4418418 and Southern Province - 091-2278278 for further information.


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Everyone should follow the below. The cost of all food destroyed that is kept in a freezer must be deducted from your electricity bill. Also,television cannot be used.Deduct your television bill from the electricity bill also

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