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Cooking up a French storm

Directors Emmanuel Morice and Nicolas Thomä  with French Embassy Cultural Counsellor Jean-Philippe Gavois. Picture by Ruwan de Silva
Directors Emmanuel Morice and Nicolas Thomä with French Embassy Cultural Counsellor Jean-Philippe Gavois. Picture by Ruwan de Silva

During the time of medieval France, French cooking was heavily influenced by the Italian cuisine. In the 17th century, the Chefs’ movements shifted French cooking away from its foreign influence to develop France’s own indigenous style of gastronomy.

Cheese and wine are a major part of the French cuisine playing various roles regionally and nationally with many variations. French food and culture that is interwoven to bring uniqueness paved way for Gastro-tourism in the 20th century catering to many countries with diverse cultures.

Bonjour Cinema 2019 being held in Sri Lanka at present had in its schedule the documentary film on French culinary practices, ‘La Cuisine Des Justes’ (The cuisine of the righteous).

The 59 minutes documentary screened at the NFC on March 15 had its two directors, Emmanuel Morice and Nicolas Thoma gracing the occasion.

Good food, good wine and good life (SUB HEAD)

Three French directors were specially invited to Sri Lanka to present their movies and share views with the audience in Bonjour Cinema 2019. Bonjour Cinema is a whole season of French film screenings throughout the year.

In ‘La Cuisine Des Justes’, the husband and wife duo, Gerard and Catherine Bosse, who are restaurateurs in Behuard and self-made culinary experts meet with three winemakers and the fisherman of the Loire. They discover the truth where the protagonists live in harmony with seasons and with life choices.

The kitchen of Bosse’s becomes a reflection, selecting the right product and not distorting it when cooking as a philosophy.

Precision, detail, humility in the kitchen as in the wine brings about enjoyment to the A La Carte menu served by the couple to people who are invited to dine.

Cordial discussion while dining revolves around culinary practices, exchanges on wine, the question of sulfur in wine, the importance of the work of the vine and the passion and generosity wine growers should have towards their work.

The film thus is on good food, good wine and good life.

“I pay my gratitude to Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management for sending a whole lot of students to view our documentary. Gerard and Catherine Bosse in the documentary bring about the best of French gastronomy. The link between wine and the cuisine is shown here. The movie is still not out in France hence today’s screening has total exclusivity”, said Emmanuel Morice.

“La Cuisine Des Justes explores culinary traditions of France and celebrates live wine and the Loire. The documentary sheds light on a blend of cooking and working philosophies. In cooking or in any other field, knowledge, passion towards the subject, sincerity, humility, good behavior contributes towards success”, said Nicolas Thoma.

Natural produce is highlighted in the movie. Wine growers talk of bad effects of denaturalization and promote organic food production culture.

Sulfur used in winemaking for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties is discussed by the team. Sulfur plays an important role in preventing oxidization and maintaining a wine’s freshness by killing unwanted yeasts and bacteria.

“We went fishing to the river with our fisherman friend but there was no fish...Eel to be precise. And the time was running. So we obtained some fresh fish and focused more towards the discussion between the team on wine growing and gastronomy in the documentary”, said Thoma.

“Bosse’s culinary team at the restaurant knows what to be done at a given time and there is proper coordination between them. These people do not draw huge salaries but they are open- minded and passionate towards their work. They strive for good produces and eat good food. Every day at the restaurant before cooking commences, they sit together and eat. They experiment with their cuisine and enjoy their work”, he concluded.

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