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Thripitaka Week

Large crowds at expositions of sacred relics countrywide

Buddhists islandwide have been given an opportunity to take part in worshipping the sacred relics and a large number of devotees have already made their way to the respective places where sacred relic expositions are held.

The exposition of sacred relics to mark the Thripitakabhivandana Week got underway on Wednesday morning at the sacred premises of Medirigiriya Vatadage.

People worshipped the relics brought to the historical Medirigiriya Vatadage from Rajaguru Sri Subhuthi Maha Viharaya, Waskaduwa, until yesterday evening.

A Dhatu exhibition was organised at Eheliyagoda Thalawa Sri Vimalarama Vihara. The Agra Shrawaka Dhatu, sacred relics of two chief disciples of the Buddha, which were escorted from Maligakanda Maha Bohi Agra Shrawaka Vihara are exhibited for the worshipping by the public.

In addition, another exhibition of sacred relics was organised at Manik Raja Maha Vihara in Hambantota, while people were also able to worship the sacred relics at Hendiyangala Pirivena in Kurunegala, as well as Devarajaarama Temple in Pannala, Dankotuwa.

Sri Saravagna Dhatu is being exhibited at the Manik Raja Maha Vihara in Hambantota district during Thriptakabhivandana Week.

The public is allowed to worship Sri Saravagana Dhatu at Hendiyagala Pirivena in Kurunegala and Dewarajarama Vihara, Pannala.

Meanwhile, at the Mahawapi Vihara in Ampara, devotees can worship Sarvagna Dhatu, while the Kesha Dhatu escorted from the Chithagong Vihara in Bangaladesh, will also be exhibited there. Allowing the public to worship the Sri Sarvagna Dhatu on the same day is considered a rare event.

On the fifth day of Thripitakabhivandana Week on Wednesday (20) which is the Medin Full Moon Poya, many special events were organised at a number of viharas islandwide. The dhamma sermons which identify the value of inheriting the Thripitaka to the world, which has been safely secured by the bhikkus for more than 2,500 years, with the sponsorship of the state, is to be vested with future generations and to the people of the world.

The Janapathi Sadaham Yatra Dhamma sermon is conducted at a main vihara every full moon Poya and the 48th Dhamma Sabha of these sessions was held at the Homagama ancient vihara. The founder of the Arya Nikaethana Bhikku Training Centre, Ven. Mawarale Bhaddiya Thera was the chief preacher of the programme.

Yesterday, the sixth day of Thripitakabhivandana, a number of programmes of merit were organised by the President’s Office and all governors at several places.

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