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Embla celebrates 10 years in IT industry

With the celebration of its 10th year anniversary, Embla has bagged another award for Productivity and Well-being issued by COYLE (Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs) in February 2019.

The company ensures to address all dimensions of wellbeing; physical, emotional and social wellness of their employees and have been in the fore front of winning awards continuously at NBQSA in the past years. Employees at Embla are driven by “be the best version of yourself” mindset and they take immense personal pride in their work. Embla Software Innovation (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 2009 and the company serves the Norwegian market in providing resources with solutions for independent software vendors and startups. Embla focuses on outsourcing of development projects and recruiting highly qualified technical personnel, and the company works in partnership with many companies within the oil and gas sector.

Embla started operations with five individuals and have now grown in to an extended family of closer to 80 staff. Embla culture is built on empowerment and innovation, giving employees the freedom to come up with their own ideas. Culture facilitates all individuals to try out new things whilst failing is welcome.

Employee development has always been the key focus at Embla and to stay competitive in the industry. And employees are trained to confront challenges with various programs focused on self-development.

Embla strongly believes that employee wellbeing plays a significant role in organizational culture and they recognize the link between a healthy workforce and productivity and the impact it has on employee turnover, enhancing brand image, and in recruitment. Embla has successfully integrated wellbeing and fitness into workplace and the efforts made in personal and professional development of a person is in the DNA of Embla.

The company has a unique organizational culture that promotes a flat organizational structure, supportive management, effective decision-making at each level, employee work-life balance, a fun workplace, providing the right tools for training and development.

“It has been a long journey to get to where they are today. Lots of efforts, criticism resistance and obstacles were met on its journey. Getting customers aligned to a process is always a challenge.

However, the reward when succeeding cannot be described in words,” said the Chairman of Embla, Stein Inge Haaland.

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