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Sri Lankan Wilderness Through Chris’s Lens

Eco Team hosts renowned wildlife Photographer
Eco Team Managing Director Anuruddha Bandara awarding the Raffle draw winner.
Eco Team Managing Director Anuruddha Bandara awarding the Raffle draw winner.

Eco Team recently hosted famed New York based wildlife photographer Chris Ang’s fascinating photo exhibition titled ‘Sri Lankan Wilderness Through Chris’s Lens’ with images captured of the Sri Lankan wilderness.

This evening doubled as a presentation on the many excellent images curated on local and global wildlife and also the importance of conservation.

Chris is an award-winning, New York-based nature conservation photographer whose work reflects his travels to dozens of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks around the world. Most recently his work was exhibited at the Soho Photo Gallery, New York City.

Famed Photographer, Chris Ang, speaking at the event.

As a passionate advocate for protecting nature, Chris’s goal is to use his travels and photographs to address and end human indifference towards nature and its species.

His photo essay and talk ‘Spectacularly Free: The Case for Conservation’ discussed the harm caused to animals due to exploitation and abuse of nature and its resources.

Commenting on the event Eco Team Managing Director Anuruddha Bandara,said, “We are extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to host Chris Ang during his visit to Sri Lanka. As he advocates sustainable tourism, his travel philosophy is parallel to Eco Team’s ethos of promoting authentic travel experiences that have a minimal impact on the planet while imbibing a lasting impact on people. We want to encourage the travel industry community also to go out and do what Chris does; spread the message of conservation through photography. Having this in mind, this year, we will be launching a photo competition exclusive to the inbound tourism community.”

Chris also cautioned the audience on the dire situation where over the past four decades, global wildlife populations have decreased 60% in a period of ‘species annihilation’, with man encroaching on earmarked animal habitats. He used his photos to increase awareness and empathy towards nature and its species, while revealing their majesty.

“While on Safari with Mahoora Tented Safari Camps in Sri Lanka, I was but pleasantly surprised by the sensational photographic opportunities that I witnessed. Sri Lanka is a wonderful destination to capture stunning images. Visiting Wilpatu, Wasgamuwa and Yala National parks provided more wildlife diversity than I could have imagined possible. These images showcase wildlife photography as an art form. I am hopeful that today’s presentation and discussion will inspire curiosity and wonder and also challenge us to consider both our place in the natural world and our responsibility to protect it,” remarked Chris speaking after the event.

Avid photographic enthusiasts and guests participated in this specially curated event which showcased respect for wildlife taking precedence over the shot and being rewarded by a unique intimacy with nature. The audience also included senior management from leading organisations in the travel and tourism industry.

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