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Power outage after Norochcholai tripping

Power restored : Business as usual from today - Ministry:

It will be business as usual without any power outages from today, the head of Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant (Norochcholai Power Plant), Engineer Indrasiri Gallage yesterday said.

“The power cuts experienced in most parts of the country yesterday and day before, were caused by an internal electrical fault at the Norochchalai station, and that fault has been cleared,” he said.

“The unit two generators at Norocholai shut down due to an internal failure. It could have been have been caused by an electrical flash. It was not a major issue. It has been fixed,” he explained.

“On the contrary the problem we have now is that we have to “gradually” increase the generation. It is a complicated process which could take three to four hours,” he said. The Daily News contacted Lakwijaya Power Plant Manager Gallage at around 4.30 pm.

He said,” should there be fault in the process of increasing the power or loading it to the full; we have to start the process from the beginning, which means that our engineers and workers had to use the same number of hours to load the power back.”

Asked by what time that CEB could expect to load the plant’s 300 Megawatts to Sri Lanka’s electricity transmission network so that there will be no outage in areas that have experienced it in the past sixty or seventy hours, Gallage said, they will have loaded the power in full to the national grid, hopefully by 8 pm yesterday.

Meanwhile, State Minister of Power Energy and Project Development, A.D.Champika Premadasa said on being asked about the power outage, that it was caused by a sudden fire at the Norochchalai plant, which rendered the grid devoid of 300 Megawatts of energy, causing blackouts in some parts of the country.

“Now that that it has been damaged, it needs to be restored, the CEB, the Power and Energy Ministry are working on the problem and we will have restored power to the affected areas during the course of the day,” he said.

“The generators will be back on line and there will be business as usual with no power outages,” the State minister said.


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