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Gemstones of the Good Dhamma

Venerable S Dhammika Thera

Esa sutva pasidami

vaco te isisattama

amogham kira me phuttham

na mam vañcesi brahmano.

Hearing your voice, O sage supreme,

my heart is filled with joy.

My questions truly were not in vain,

the brahman did not deceive me.

Anusasi mam ariyavata

anukampi anuggahi

amogho tuyham ovado

antevasi’mhi sikkhito.

You have taught me the noble practice,

you were compassionate and helpful to me.

Your exhortation was not in vain

for I am now your trained disciple.

Upemi buddham saranam

dhammam sanghañ ca tadinam

samadiyami silani

tam me atthaya hehiti.

I go for refuge to the Buddha,

to the Dhamma and to the Sangha.

I undertake the rules of conduct

which will be for my true welfare.

Asokam virajam khemam

ariyatthangikam ujum

tam maggam anugacchami

yena tinna mahesino.

I shall follow that eightfold path,

griefless, immaculate, secure,

the straight way by following which

the great sages have crossed the flood.

So aham vicarissami

gama gamam pura puram

namassamano sambuddham

dhammassa ca sudhammatam.

I will now go from town to town,

I will go from city to city,

praising the Buddha and the Dhamma

so excellently taught by him.

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