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Visiting relatives

Sakyamuni Siddhartha Gautama with love and compassion

Put the humanity across the Sansaric ocean

He gifted the world not only his sacred doctrine

But also, he had set forth his valid discipline

It was the kingdom of Kapilawasthu now called Nepal

That King Suddhodana reigned supreme as a clever bhupal

The royal cities were hailed as the best located

Occupying a unique place as the most venerated

He was well known for his justice and fairplay

This is where Prince Siddhartha did stay

The king had not seen the son since renunciation

And he was impatient to send an invitation

He had not been blessed with this opportunity

Though it had been experienced by the majority

On hearing Sakyamuni was at Veluwana on his sasanic tour

Dispatching a minister to invite him was his endeavour

Nine ministers were sent at different times

But the king was disappointed as no one returned

They had all been attracted by the truth of Dhamma

They are all Arahats now due to their good kamma

Anyway, the king not discouraged but in dismay

Turned to Kaludai his playmate born on the same day

He did accept quite willingly the king’s orders

On condition that he be allowed to enter the order

He and his retinue became Buddha’s disciples

After a week he informed the Buddha of the father’s wish

“Sadhu Udai Karissami Gnathi Sangahan”

Well he did accept and set out on a Medin Poya Day

Thus, for wayside devotees to gather merit he paved the way

Sakyans due to their false pride and ignorance

To a Buddha they failed to pay due reverence

This compelled him to use his psychic powers

Moved by the amazing performance the king putting aside his powers

At once worshipped him followed by the Sakyans

Reminiscing his worshipping on two previous occasions

There was one-person unseen amidst the crowd

That was Yasodara embodying all that was exceptionally good

Absence of Yasodara was a prominent factor

Which made Buddha go to her since she was a sincere character

Buddha approached her consoled and delivered the sermon

Sandakinduru Jathakaya for everybody to listen

Her next interest was to enter the Bhikkhuni order

For which Buddha’s reply was not in her favour

Then Princes Rahula and Nanda were ordained

Quite calm and quiet Yasodara remained

All these sacred events highlight the importance

Of the Medin full moon day with utmost reverence

Rupa Banduwardena

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