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Wonder rides with ‘Wonder Park’

Mid-level kids’ fare ‘Wonder Park’ is colorful, silly, wholly inoffensive, creative enough to engage the little ones and doesn’t overstay its welcome thanks to a brisk 85-minute runtime.

The fact that it teaches an important and simply communicated lesson to younger children about how to deal with depression and anxiety is the thematic cherry on top.

June (Brianna Denski) is a ball-of-energy daredevil who loves testing out experimental theme park rides around her suburban town. The movie opens with June and her awkward nerd BFF Banky (Oen Michael Urbas) smashing through the entire neighborhood’s fences when a ride goes off the rails—or when, to be more honest, a junky go-cart flies off some sloppily attached wooden planks. June’s father (Matthew Broderick) pays off the neighbors’ damage and June’s saddled with more chores as punishment. I can almost hear the thoughts of every parent in the theater calculating the cost of the fences and coming up with much harsher sentencing.

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‘Wonder Park’ is screening in 2D/3D at Scope Cinemas (CCC), Liberty by Scope  Cinemas, Savoy 2, MC Cinemas and Empire Colombo

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