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Captain Marvel

Strength of a woman

Captain Marvel is now being screened in Sri Lanka parallel to its worldwide release on the International Women’s Day. Academy award winning actress Brie Larson portrays the first female superhero in a Marvel movie as Captain Marvel.

However there have been numerous female Marvel superheroes like, Natasha aka Black Widow, Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman, Medusa the inhuman queen, Shuri the one and only sister of Black Panther, Gamora, The Wasp and the like in the Marvel universe.

Some of them who have already made their presence in several Marvel movies are yet to make it big on screen.

Many versions of Caption Marvel have been introduced by Stan Lee, writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane from time to time since 1967 to exist in the Marvel universe after gaining ‘Captain Marvel’ trademark by Marvel Comics.

However DC comics, has been constantly on the watch for imposters of ‘Superman’ emerging in the guise of Captain Marvel in Marvel and other comic books. The Human/Kree hybrid Ms Marvel alias US Air Force officer Carol Danvers was created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan in 1971.

In the movie when Captain Marvel stylishly leaps into space and sends blue beams of energy from her fists she would automatically bring memories of Super Girl and Wonder Woman to the audience.

Oscar award winner of ‘Room’ fame Larson must have been picked to portray Captain Marvel to add credibility to the character. However big this Marvel character is, it looks small for Larson who has immense potential as a versatile actress.

Larson on the other hand lacks the heroine looks and stature needed by a Marvel superhero girl. She looks more a compassionate young mother than a superhero.

However she would fit into the world of the Avengers as a resourceful member to fight Thanos in ‘End Game’.

Anna Boden and Ryan K Fleck have carefully borrowed elements from Roy Thomas’s 1971 comic book storyline to formulate the screenplay. Thus they manage to win the hearts especially of ardent Marvel enthusiasts aka True believers.

As an Air Force pilot and an intelligence agent Danvers investigates attempts by the Kree and the Scrulls to disrupt American space program. During such battle she is exposed to an unusual Kree device that changes her DNA. Thus Danvers becomes the first incarnation of Ms Marvel.

Ms Marvel exploring her past to discover her alter-ego as Carol Danvers and profession as a tough Air Force jet pilot is presented well in the movie. (Does anyone see any similarity between Steve Rogers becoming Captain America and Danvers becoming Captain Marvel?)

Crashing to Earth, back in time that is in 1995 through the roof of a Blockbuster video store brings about common Marvel humour straight from the comic book.

Carol finding her long-lost friend, Maria (Lashana Lynch), a single mother who is also a first class pilot and her brief association with Maria’s little son stimulate emotion. Brie Larson’s maturity and acting prowess brings value to this portrayal. (Wonder Woman wouldn’t have showcased acting of this magnitude)

In the movie, Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) is convincingly digitally altered to look 25 years younger as the story goes back in time. In other Marvel movies, we see Fury as the person with the eye-patch who calls together the Avengers.

Fury’s witty performances keep the audience cheerful. Fondling the kitty named Goose without knowing its super powers is sheer fun for the viewers.

When compared with DC’s ‘Wonder Woman’ we could see that ‘Wonder Woman’ catered to a wider audience beyond fans of comics-based movies to catch global attention.

Yet Captain Marvel, the movie has substance. The movie caters more to old school Marvel fans who have read (basically studied) Marvel comics presented by Stan Lee, written by Roy Thomas and penciled by Gil Kane, Gene Colan or Jack Kirby.

The new breed of Marvel fans would yearn for non-stop action. Captain Marvel’s character would remind someone of James Bond who not only has strength but also brains. Larson projects that brainy superhero well with a unique style.

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