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Marlbo Trading hosts Int’l Women’s Day

Marlbo Trading, sole agents for Electrical Appliances and Testing and Safety Equipment established in 1989, organized series of CSR events to mark the International Women’s Day at their office premises.

This was with the participation of all female staff members and the wives of the members of the staff including their mothers.

On an invitation of Marlbo Trading, some female workers attached to the Colombo Municipal Council working in Kolluptiya region also attended the event.

The event were organized by Marlbo Trading Chairman, M. Maniymuthu and due to its success the company hopes to make this an annual event.

Superintendent of Police, Lanka Amarasena, Director-Child and Women’s Bureau of Sri Lanka Police and Former Deputy General Manager, International Banking Division of the People’s Bank Shobani Prathapasinghe also participated.

Prathapasinghe, addressing the event stressed the need to have a mechanism in place to safe guard the rights of women in work places and in public conveyances as those are some of the places where the women come under harassment and humiliation. “Hence, the women empowerment is indeed a necessity”, she added.

Amarasena explained and shared her experiences with the audience of the difficulties and harassment being faced by some women due to their poor financial circumstances and also being illiterate.

At the conclusion of the function gifts were presented to all those who participated at the event. as a token of appreciation. 


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