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That Amazing Feat of the Amendra Brothers

the Amendra Brothers first row seated from left: Raja Amendra and Sisira Amendra. Second row standing from left: Stanley Amendra, Percy Amendra and Tissa Amendra.
the Amendra Brothers first row seated from left: Raja Amendra and Sisira Amendra. Second row standing from left: Stanley Amendra, Percy Amendra and Tissa Amendra.

The Amendra brothers, nine in all, set up a unique record of at least one of them having represented the school cricket team between the years 1951 and 1973.

Mahinda College, Galle which had the proud distinction of producing these cricketers also had during the 1957 season, five of them – Sisira, Rajah, Stanley, Percy and Tissa making up the school first eleven cricket team. This is no doubt another rare achievement.

These brothers not only played for the school with distinction, but for six years the captaincy was held by five of them. Sisira, the eldest led Mahinda in 1957. Stanley, the third captained the year 1958 and 1959. Percy in 1961. Asoka in 1965 and Punya in 1966. Dudley and Gamini were vice-captains in 1969 and 1973 respectively, and Tissa was forced to quit school due to ill-health in 1961 after playing for four years. He was later to die under tragic circumstances in 1971.

Sisira, Rajah, Stanley and Asoka were all-rounders. Percy was a competent wicket-keeper. Tissa, an off break bowler, and Punya, Dudley and Gamini, right-hand batsmen. Sisira, Tissa and Asoka played club cricket for Galle CC, Rajah for Catamarans, Stanley for Bloomfield and BRC, Percy for Panadura SC.

Of the known records, there was the seven Walker brothers of Southgate, in England who played for their school, but not more than three brothers at a time. Then there was the seven Foster brothers who played for Malverns. But they too never played all at the same time.

All nine brothers were born in Galle to B W Amendra, retired locomotive foreman of Ceylon Government Railway and Nellie (nee De Silva), who was an excellent netball player at Musaeus College.

The boys’ interest in cricket generated from their uncle Elaris Amendra. He was an outstanding soccer player and cricketer who represented the Galle CC along with such fine cricketers as D D Jayasinghe and E M Karunaratne. The brothers received their coaching from Neil de Silva, a former Saracens and school cricketer and one time national triple jump record holder, and R. L. Hewa, another Galle CC stalwart.

This unique feat of the brothers has received wide publicity from the local press and three unsuccessful attempts have been made to have it recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. A letter from Guinness Superlatives Ltd states, “We haven't included such achievements as the four Mohammed brothers all playing for Pakistan because it is too special a feat for the Guinness Book of Records which tries to deal in events with a competitive basis.”

So while Guinness ponders, the brothers have aged with the growing years and have sought fresh pastures. Asoka, Punya, Dudley and Gamini are resident in England, and Percy in Canada. Of the remaining three, Rajah looks after the family tea estate, Sisira is a Licensed surveyor and Stanley, is a railway inspector.

Mr. B. William Amendra created the record being the father of nine sons who all played in the College cricket team over the period of 22 years between 1951-73.

One year five brothers played in the same team with student sisira captaining the team. The others being Raja, Stanley, Percy and Tissa, who was just 13 years at the time. This is no doubt another rare achivement.

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