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Snap moment

SNAP! Bringing the model to slowly blend in with the background until it forms one soluble picture is every photographer’s motive. People may add various fancy interludes to their photographic profession when asked accordingly to make it sound rather extravagant. But when they do, they tend to forget the basic sense of photography.

Hi! I am Jesinath and my nickname no doubt is Jessi. I am a creative person so you may say but no I am not a photographer nor a model or have anything to do relating to photography. However, I like logic the behind this field. It is an interesting hobby and for some that hobby becomes a profession but for me it is nothing like capturing live without any medium used. Direct contact is best and unbiased based on the person involved.

I once met a girl named Sarah. Tall, lean, perfectly fits into any fashion statement and would have passed with flying colours to be my high school sweetheart roughly a couple of decades back though. It melts to hear her sweet, nightingale voice calling me ‘uncle’. It is during times like this I question why the time machine could not be a reality. However, Sarah loves me dearly but it is that genre of love which depreciates my emotions in value. Only if the concept of photography could fix my portrait, snap the reality and edit the outcome with various filters and effects. Sarah would have been lover, but that is just it. People call it destiny, many call it fate and some call it Karma but for me it is the blunt truth. I never question or challenge the truth as it is beyond me, yet Sarah is and won’t be mine!

I for one am a smart human unless you a snap a photo of me it will be the blessings of everything in the vicinity that must matter in getting the photogenic effect played right. Whereas in the book of physique nothing would go wrong, instead I am rather qualified to have a doctorate in being an average person. Even Sarah would have been head over heels for me if not for two criteria; first one being my age, second being if she had seen a photograph of me prior to a meetup.

Sarah had so much trust and respect for me that she even updates me with her latest boyfriends for which I don’t pay any attention to as that only makes me jealous and devastated over the opportunities I have missed. Having to hold Sarah in a lad’s arms is a great accomplishment for he can blow a trumpet till she decides to move on and fall into another strong arm. I could have made a great arm myself for I lacked nothing, but if I was a candidate to be an arm for her she would discard me like soiled tissue paper and may never look at me ever again. Considering all of that I prefer to keep my designation as it is and be an ‘uncle’ for her as nothing beyond that will be disclosed to anyone.

Sarah was a star in many senses. All her girlfriends envied her and were erupting with jealousy. Every woman’s dream was to be an exact replica of Sarah. At times it worried me too if her fame and glory would become a threat to her, after all it was the year she received the key to adulthood and was a vulnerable lamb to this wicked world. Little did she knew what life had to offer and all that depressingly ecstatic drama which life plays. My only concern was if she would get a taste of the illicit substance world but she has promised me, her ‘uncle’, that none of the sort would happen. I trust she kept to her word as such dealings only happen on discreet mode just like my feelings and emotions for her.

Moving back to photography, I always carried a snap of her on my left side shirt pocket placed right on top of my heart. Sarah is so dear to me that I cannot forget her and I never will, she is a secret darling of a forty year old. A forty year old who cannot recover from that drastic night. I felt as if I had been stabbed mercilessly with a minute pen knife, deeper the cut the more painful it was. Seeing her lifeless body hanging from that ceiling fan was and will always be a living nightmare for me.

That night after receiving the call from office notifying me with familiar details, it never crossed my mind that the description submitted coincided with that of Sarah’s after all Sarah was immortal, she cannot be that crazy. I rushed to the site of crime and there I stood numb struck and speechless to find that the victim was none other than my Sarah. There was a void feeling within me, no tears to cry, unable to speak but most of all I was not ready to mourn. Firstly according to my job I cannot do any of that, secondly if I could, how can I? My one and only world crashed and has become a living hell.

Detective Spencer briefed me over the wave of events with no evidence of course and I was definitely not in a position to pay the least attention to any of that let alone accept Sarah was dead. I felt like shouting at her ordering her to get down and to stop acting silly as if she were still alive. But I was late. Where was I when all of this happened? I was bombarded with accusations for being irresponsible and questions which kept me wondering why I could not control my emotions yet had to conceal all of that for the sake of my job, which was all that was remaining now. Was it murder or suicide…for the first time in my career I did not care. She is gone…gone forever. The cameramen had come to the site before me and were clicking as if the camera reel never ended. I controlled myself from pounding at them threatening them to stop taking pictures of my Sarah. But those poor souls were doing their job unlike me.

Detective Spencer came and handed me raw evidence collected immediately after the squad reached the scene. It was when he patted me on the shoulder whispering ‘Good Luck’ that glided me back to my right senses to realize I was in charge of handling Sarah’s case. They called me to the crime scene as they wanted none other than myself to handle this case, but little did I know that I was to see me sweetheart’s corpse.

Everyone knew who Detective Jessi was. Detective Jessi was the man who stood behind justice and provided accurate evidence for all the cases he handled. Majority of them were VIP’s or controversial cases. Detective Jessi was also known as the ‘Exterminator’ for he knew how to detect and tackle the biggest and troublesome pests in town and send them to their due place.

However, no one knew my connection to the victim. All what I wanted to do was to vanish into thin air and never appear again. My ultimate motive was to leave, I didn’t want to know when, how or why any of this happened. It was then that it hit me hard that I was reacting because I was sensitive and proof that I was not made of rock after all. I had feelings and there was more to life than hiding my secrets.

Five years have passed and as I sit alone feeding the ducks in the park it suddenly struck me how Sarah would have passed running commentaries for those cute ducks dancing in the water, shaking their tail feathers. A few yards away there was a newlywed posing on the bridge along with their retinue for the sentimental ‘Wedding Photograph!’

Photography has played a major role in my life. That is all that is left. After giving my resignation Detective Spencer and the team gifted me a beautiful photographic memoir of all my great accomplishments and the unforgettable times I have had with them. It is comfortably resting on top of my bookshelf. To this date I have no idea what happened to Sarah but her pictures are stamped all over my studio apartment. I cannot disclose what I do now as my life alone is a mystery. What has not changed is that I carry a snap of my Sarah on my left side shirt pocket placed right on top of my heart.


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