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SLASSCOM to host People Summit 2019 on March 22

The 2019 SLASSCOM People Summit will be held on March 22, at the Shangri-La Colombo.

While the previous years’ summits were more focused on the use of technology to interpret, predict and anticipate how processes and practices govern human resources management, this year will see a shift in that focus to the most fundamental of all elements that define a business; the person driving it.

“As more businesses begin to realize that there is a growing need to step aside from the hubbub of information ‘out there’, and hone in on what’s truly important for the success of their enterprise, it’s become evident that to succeed, they need to understand their people better” said Chandi Dharmaratne, Senior Director of HR for Virtusa and Head of the SLASSCOM HR Forum.

Studies on the cost of stress and burn out have been chronicled all too well.Therefore, it should come as no surprise that industry giants such as Google, Apple, Nike and Virgin, to name a few, have gone at lengths to invest in both research and subsequent implementation of practices such as mindfulness and meditation in the workplace, work flexibility programs, customized engagement plans and overall mental and physical health and wellbeing strategies that would foster a holistic, and more sustainable partnership between them and their people.

For most organizations, the hesitation and reluctance in disrupting its more traditional human resources practices is due largely to a lack of conceptual awareness and know how, related to implementation. This year’s summit aims to illuminate and guide its participants in the ushering in of a new era of HR. this end,SLASSCOM has secured the engagement of some of the most sort after gurus in these respective arenas, to take the audience through the pros, the cons, the how to-s, and of course their own personal experiences of having dealt with the evolution of these practices over the past couple of decades.

Among the speakers at the event are globally renowned experts Bill Duane; Mindfulness Guru, consulting for Google, David Atkinson; Director and Global Wellbeing Market Leader for PWC, Madu Ratnayake; EVP and CIO at Virtusa, Murtaza Esufally; Group Director for Human Performance and Leadership at Hemas, and Rob Briner; Professor of Organizational Psychology at the Queen Mary University of London, whose area of expertise lies in “Evidence Based Management”, which will be a special segment of the event.

The Breakout topics this year are on, ‘Wellness at Work’which will explore the importance of mental health and wellbeing and how to achieve it, ‘Flexibility at Work’ that will challenge traditional concepts of the typical ‘9-5’ set up, and ‘Building a Social Workplace with Care’that discusses the need for intelligent employee motivation and engagement strategies in the workplace.

In short, this year’s forum intends to transcend technology, to get at a better understanding of the human factor responsible for the blue print that defines all organizations.


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