CEO, IFS Darren Roos in Colombo
CEO, IFS Darren Roos in Colombo

IFS, a global enterprise software vendor providing solutions, which set up their local operations 22 years ago will re invest in Sri Lanka for a larger centre said CEO, IFS Darren Roos delivering the keynote speech on the theme Unprecedented Growth & What’s Ahead for 2019 in Colombo yesterday.

He said today the IFS globally have over 3.500 employees out of which 1,100 are from Sri Lanka. “Sri Lankan operations are very successful and we are now re investing on a new Centre at Orin City Colombo 10 to expand.”

The new centre will replace their current Sri Lanka headquarters in Wellawatte by June this year. “Under this expansion program 350 new employment opportunities would be created and by end 2020 Sri Lankan IFS work force will increase to 1,600,” he said. Most of them would be from universities.

He also said that over 50% of IFS executive leadership are women and in Sri Lanka this is over 30%. Asked if the IFS was reinvesting in Sri Lanka due to cheap HR he answered in the negative. “Sri Lanka HR is not cheap but is very, innovative, knowledgeable and efficient,” he said.

Roos said that the most of their enterprise solutions were designed and executed from Sri Lanka and hence Sri Lankan operations are an important driver for IFS. It was also announced that IFS Net Revenue was up 23% YoY. “Cloud and SaaS Revenue increased by 300% YoY. License revenue increased by 22% YoY, Maintenance Revenue by 13% YoY and Consulting Revenue increased by10% YoY.

IFS carried out a significant amount of transformation projects in 2018, facilitating global growth and ever-happier customers at the enterprise firm. “2018 also saw the launch of key products, including IFS Applications 10, IFS Field Service Management 6, and SaaS-based solutions in the IFS Aerospace & Defense product line.

The Sri Lankan and South Asian operation will be a significant contributor towards this growth. IFS has always invested significant resources in R&D and 2019 it was over 14% of our revenue while Apple only invested only 11%”.

“One the IFS’s key R&D investments are for the IFS Labs where over 80% of the Labs team is based in Sri Lanka. The technologies that this department is currently developing include wearables, augmented reality, bots, drones, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence”.

IFS have also reinforced its proven expertise through regional expansion projects. The Asia Pacific, Japan, Middle East, and African market unit is expected to be one of the key sources of growth for the company globally over the next few years.

As a responsible corporate entity, IFS also strives to live its values and are passionate about giving back in a meaningful manner.

The company has focused on education throughout its deep-rooted relationship with Sri Lanka. Collectively, IFS has awarded over 270 full tuition and financial assistance scholarships and more than 750 internships over the years through university collaboration programs. It has also offered support to communities during devastating times of natural disasters.

IFS develop and deliver enterprise software for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. IFS Sri Lanka has been in operations for the past 22 years, and is the 2nd largest IT Company in the country.

IFS provides enterprise software solutions to over 150 top companies in Sri Lanka and the South Asia region. The company is an extended office of IFS World Operations and has business units such as Global Support, Global Consultancy, IFS Academy, IFS Labs.

IFS is actively investing to capitalize on this growth opportunity, targeting 45% CAGR 2019 – 2021. The Sri Lankan & South Asian operation will be a significant contributor towards this growth.

“Building on the momentum created in 2018, we enter 2019 with a renewed sense of purpose and a future guided by our customers,” he said.


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