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Giving on the rocks a new meaning

A creative man gave on the rocks a new meaning, building a bar and bartender out of snow.

Chris Hadley was visiting his brother’s home in Chamonix, France, at the end of January when a fresh covering of snow fell. Using a small orange shovel and his hands, he started to pack the powder into shape so it could hold a few bottles of champagne and booze.

Not finished, Chris then topped it off with a barman stood ready to pour the chilled drinks right next to the frozen furniture.

Chris, 36, said, “It ended up taking nearly two hours. My brother and his wife were hosting a fondue party at their apartment and had invited more friends than they’d ever had in their cosy apartment. We had lots of drinks to keep chilled so I decided the best thing to do was build a snow bar in their garden.

The idea for the snowman barman came after it was built and there was still snow left. I did once build a BBQ at home, but only out of stone.”

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