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NMRA launches new integrated user-friendly website

NMRA officials launching new integrated user-friendly website
NMRA officials launching new integrated user-friendly website

The National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) recently, launched their updated and newly integrated user friendly website. This is in-line with the Authority’s new initiative to digitalise its workflow processes. The new website (www.nmra.gov.lk) offers users a fresh online experience with easier access to in-depth information about NMRA’s services and industry-relevant news, including regulatory details, medicine and medical equipment legislation and clinical trials.

Topics covered in the website include how to get submissions right first time round for medicinal products, details of regulatory workflow, guidelines and emerging issues for the regulation of medicines, medical devices and borderline products. The website would also be regularly updated with the latest industry relevant news.

The key intention of the website is to simplify and communicate information more effectively and to enhance the overall user experience, helping to convey NMRA’s position as the key regulator in the country and the important role they play in protecting and advancing national health and safety.

NMRA has additionally launched a new social media channel to further communicate and update all relevant information regarding medicines and their regulations.

Consumers could now use the website to find details and tips on the safety of medicines and medical devices, while health professionals could use it to follow the latest news and guidance on the regulation of medicines and medical devices. The Chairman of NMRA, Professor Asita de Silva commented, ‘we are confident that the new website would provide greater value to the general public and other stakeholders and would build a better understanding amongst those who are looking to submit applications for marketing medicines and medical devices and clinical trial authorizations and enable users to access our services with ease.”

He added, “the site redesign and updated content showcases and builds better awareness of our strengths and expertise as the country’s regulator of medicines and the role we play every day in protecting the health and safety of all Sri Lankans.

Furthermore our newly designed website is another opportunity for us to connect directly with our stakeholders, the general public and consumers and help them engage with us on issues that are important to them.”

Through the launch of the new website and social media pages, NMRA joins a growing community of health regulators across the world, who engage with the public on promoting and educating them on the quality and safety of medicines and healthcare.


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