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Ariyawathi, woman of courage

Ariyawathi prepares the clay for brick making.
Ariyawathi prepares the clay for brick making.

On the International Women’s Day, the Daily News met an elderly woman of courage in Polonnaruwa who worked hard to earn her living without being a burden to any.

W. R. Ariyawathi (56) of Nishshankamallapurain Polonnaruwa is a mother of three and is employed in the brick making industry for her living.

She said that all her three children are married and her husband died several years ago. She said the three children, as all the other ordinary people in the country, have their own problems to solve.

“So I earn my own wherewithal and support the children at times of their need too,” Ariyawathi said. “I started making bricks while my husband was alive to support him and I continued it even after his death.”

She said a businessman provides her with clay and she is paid Rs 3.50 for each brick she made. She said that she wakes up very early and season the clay.

After one day, again she makes the brick dry and burns them in the kiln. She said that she is paid an extra amount for working in the kiln.

“I don’t work every day but earn enough for living, I don’t need anybody’s assistance and I don’t need this to be published seeking for assistance either.” She said women who go abroad as housemaids too can work hard and live decently in the country rather than doing all menial jobs in foreign countries.


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