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Mega projects under Gamperaliya through Budget 2019

Internal and Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government State Minister J. C. Alawathuwala said the government has planned several large-scale projects under Gamperaliya through Budget 2019 from this month to benefit rural people.

State Minister Alawathuwala was addressing a media briefing at the UNP headquarters, Sirikotha, yesterday.

“We have decided to commence development projects soon with the aim of eliminating poverty among the rural population and improving infrastructure facilities in their villages even as the Budget debate goes on in Parliament,” he said.

Accordingly, several proposals have been received by the Gamperaliya unit of the Finance Ministry from public representatives and civil society organisations. These will be forwarded to relevant Divisional Secretaries soon through the District Secretaries for evaluation prior to implementation.

He said the government has allocated Rs. 300 million for 160 electorate divisions for the purpose. In total, Budget 2019 has allocated Rs. 48,000 million for development projects under the Gamperaliya programme.

Despite massive loans amounting to US$5.9 billion inherited from the previous Mahinda Rajapaksa regime to be paid this year, the government has been able to come up with a successful Budget aiming to provide relief to the people as well as uplifting the country towards economic growth and development.

The main theme of Budget 2019 is, strengthening the people while protecting the underprivileged. “Accordingly, we will pay Samurdhi benefits to 600,000 new recipients suffering from poverty all over the country. We have also provided relief to War Heroes who have not received such relief for the last 20 years. The rate of Housing Rent Allowance will be increased by 100 percent with effect from July 1.

The Uniform Upkeep Allowance will also be increased with effect from July 1 while the Commando Allowance too will be increased from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000 monthly with effect from July 1.

The State Minister said the government, with an adequate majority in Parliament, would pass the Budget.


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